The 7 Week Group Detox & Regenerate Experience

Are you desiring to:

  • empower yourself to heal your body?

  • take control of your health and well being?

  • lose weight?

  • become educated with it comes to cleaning out your body?

  • glow and shine your inner light?

  • get to the next level in your life?

What Can You Achieve By Completing This 7 Week Program?

  • Rejuvenation of your body and cells

  • Release years of toxic waste within your body

  • Learn the secrets of detoxification that you can use to keep your body dis-ease free for life!

  • A brand new mindset of health, vigor and gratitude

  • shift your awareness of health and dis-ease and why chronic illness is on the rise in our society

  • Radiate with so much vitality that you inspire others around you!

  • Gain the skills to prepare delicious raw food meals

  • Shift your awareness on your life

  • Reset your metabolism

  • Boost your immune system

  • Change your mindset to achieve your dreams!


Group Program Features

  • Small Private Facebook Group

  • New content sent to your email each week

  • one hour of one on one coaching with Kate for the first 10 people that sign up!  Master you mindset for success!

  • 4 basic herbal formulas (Dr Morse’s Fab 4)

  • Facebook “live” chats with Kate each week

  • Loads of wonderful whole foods plant based recipes–both raw and cooked

  • accountability and group support

  • raw food and juices recipes

  • recommended daily routines

  • Exercise guide and accountability

Here’s How The 7 Weeks Are Mapped out for You

Week One:  Explore your relationship with foods.  Learn how to prepare mouthwatering, delicious raw foods and clean cooked foods.  Learn how to make the whole foods plant based lifestyle uniquely yours.  If you are one of the first 10 people to sign up for this program, book your one hour “mindset makeover” coaching session with Kate.  This will set you on the path to success!


Week Two:  Toxins in our environment.  Gain awareness of what we eat, drink, breathe and put on our skin really has an impact on health.  Learn about organic vs non-organic, water, how to protect yourself and change little habits that may be making you sick.


 Week Three:  Everyone should have received their herbs by now, so we will start taking them.  30 day raw food journey begins.  Tips, tools and techniques for detoxifying the human body.  Say goodbye to heavy metals, pesticides, parasites and other toxins.  Begin to shed unwanted weight by the end of this week.


Week 4:  The Great Lymphatic System.  Learn about the largest, most forgotten system in the human body and how cleaning it is the KEY to health and the culprit in 99% of dis-eases.  Learn about natural remedies vs pharmaceuticals.  Uncover the language of the body and what a healing crisis is.  Discover how to support the body in releasing waste instead of suppressing this process with over the counter medications and antibiotics.


Week 5:  Intermittent and dry fasting.  Learn why the best thing you can do for your body is NOTHING.  You will experiment with fasting for a few more hours than normal this week and see your energy skyrocket!


Week 6:  Chakras (energy centers) and glands.  Learn about your mental body, energetic body and chakras that co-relate to all of your glands.  Discover how to clean and strengthen both the organs and the glands going forward so that you can heal deeper issues.


Week 7:  Passions, well-being, relationships and self love.  As you complete your 30 day raw food journey, you will have a renewed sense of vigor and zest for life.  Learn practices of daily self love, showing love to others and creating a more beautiful world for all.  Return to the whole foods plant based lifestyle that you can now incorporate into your lifestyle going forward.  Leave the group with a high five and a high vibe!

Are you ready to make new friends, change your life and your health for the better?  Join us!

Here’s what others have said about the 7 Week Detox and Regenerate Group Experience:

I’ve been studying nutritional health and plant-based functional nutrition for over five years and thought I knew everything.  Kate’s detox program is fantastic and opened doors to amazing new heights of learning I never imagined possible (and I can’t complain about the 15lb weight loss and baggier clothes).

Kate guides and supports you through each week with easy to follow instructions and steps that set you up for healthy success.  Her honesty, knowledge, accessibility and easy to digest mind-body approach is fabulous and I couldn’t recommend her and her offerings more.

If you’re looking to detox and support your body, I couldn’t think of a better life-changing gift of self care to give your body.

Shari M.

I would highly recommend working with Kate to anyone wanting to feel vibrant and alive.  Kate is a master at guiding you into the world of cleansing your body, mind and spirit with Raw goodness and high vibe herbs.  I love what I’ve learned from Kate!

Keri S.

I have done many online courses as well as tons of my own research and learning about health, wellness, diet, spirituality, etc.  This group was really incredible and blew my mind.  Kate is extremely knowledgeable and shared so much new information, techniques and ideas.  She was available when I reached out to her with some severe detox symptoms  and was full of valuable, effective tools to help support me throughout the process.  Once I got into the groove of eating fully raw, I could feel my emotions level off, I wasn’t as moody, I felt more awake, more alive.  I had WAY more energy and I felt very connected with spirit.  I could sit in meditations longer and I just felt a sense of peace that I often seek outside of myself for.  I know that my connecting with Kate was divinely inspired and I look forward to moving deeper.  Thank you Kate, for sharing your beautiful, gentle, loving knowledge and spirit with me.  I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.  I wish I could get my family to do it with me!

Christina T.

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