60 Minute Health Reading


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Our bodies speak to us in code.  Nothing is more true when you have a glandular weakness.  Our glands are the government of our physical bodies.  They produce all the hormones that control our organs.  Emotions are tightly related to glandular health.  Are you experiencing some obscure symptoms, changes, or emotional upset?  Some examples may be:  ridged fingernails, anxiety, joint pain, weight gain or new moles.  You are not interested in taking medication, you only wish to understand what is happening in your body and empower yourself to fix it naturally. By using a specific set of questions and my intuition, I am able to understand what gland may be under/over functioning in your body.  I have learned to trust my intuitive gifts regarding imbalances in the body.  For this reason, I call this offering a reading.   You will receive some suggestions on foods, herbs and measures you can take to bring your body back into balance.  I love doing these sessions and giving the gift of clarity.  Empower yourself to heal your body.


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