6 month Detox Coaching Program + BONUS!


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Support, that is what this program comes down to.  If you could’ve done it on your own, you would have by now, right?  It’s not that you are a procrastinator, or lack follow-through, you just need someone else to see where you are getting stuck.  You need a guide.  Changing your diet, if you’ve ever tried to do it, pretty much changes everything in your life.  Changing your diet and lifestyle are a bit like driving in a foreign country, on dirt roads, with no street signs.  You are trying to get to a fabulous resort and you’d rather get there sooner than later.  You could find it yourself, but you will find it faster with a guide.  You will still be in the driver’s seat but you’ll have me riding shotgun.  I’ve been to this resort, and let me tell you, you will love it.  Getting there may be a bumpy ride, but it will be worth it and when you look back you may even say that it was fun (maybe!).  Here’s what you can expect in the 6 month program:

  • first meeting:  90 minute health history and goal setting
  • Your Plan + Herbal Protocol (personalized eating plan, exercise plan, 12 week personalized herbal protocol)
  • one hour of 1:1 coaching every 2 weeks with Kate (a total of 12 hours)
  • endless tips and tricks to ease detox symptoms, help it go faster, and letting the junk out
  • text and email support throughout the program
  • emotional health:  journaling assignments for emotional detoxing
  • spiritual health:  healing and clearing of the chakras, meditation guidance and practices (5 min per day to start)

What you can expect:

  • peace and calm that comes with making a decision to change your life and health with support
  • the detox experience.  I’m not gonna lie.  Taking the crap out of your diet and life will be overwhelming at first.  Imagine your world as a dirty fish tank.  It’s bad but livable, when you get used to it.  When you start to clean it up, everything gets a little murky for a while.  Everything gets stirred up.  But then little by little, healing begins.  Every body is different, so every detox is different.  Once it’s over, its over and you don’t have to do it again, unless you create another dirty tank.
  • physical manifestations of detox:  clearer skin, weight release, clearer eyes, clearer thinking, increased energy, less pain and inflammation
  • emotional manifestations of detox:  lighter emotions, joy, happiness, forgiveness, love
  • spiritual manifestations of detox:  greater connections and peace

This program is right for you if:

  • You need more support and guidance
  • you are ready to change your life and are committed to doing the work
  • you are ready to face some fears and conquer them once and for all! (remember, you have support!)

How is the 3 month program different from the 6 month program?

  • the program will allow you to detox at a pace that is longer and less intense, unless you would like to get it over with quickly.  The program is paced for your needs.
  • deeper emotional and spiritual work.  Are you ready to uncover and clear out some old obstructions to  your positive life force?  Are you ready to truly shine your light?
  • learn how to keep your body clean and full of high vibes by doing daily detox rituals
  • BONUS!  First 4 herbal tinctures are FREE!  (lymphatic system, kidneys and bladder, stomach and bowels formula, endocrine glands) $98 value

Please book a Discovery Session with me, so I can answer any questions you may have before we start this program.


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