Love Notes

“It’s important to me to have a safe space to fully share what’s going on with me when seeking help from a health care practitioner. Kate brought a wonderful perspective from science and spirit to shed light on what’s going on with me. Through her thorough questioning and listening, she was able to link my various symptoms and suggest their source and how to resolve it without taking prescription drugs.”


Cindy G.

“When you offered this 12 week course I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.  First, I knew it was just what I needed and at the right time too.  Second, I had no doubts about your abilities because your honesty, integrity and love have always been obvious to me.   I knew that I could trust your skills and judgment to guide me in helping myself to make big changes in my life.”


Molly W.

“I have really struggled to put my feelings about this process into words. I mean, how can I explain the life altering amazingness that took place with your guidance?? The concept of weaving body, mind & soul together really resonates with me, and you rolled it out to us each week so gently and simply. My entire family is reaping the benefits. Not to mention, losing over 30 pounds with literally no sweat…amazing! Never in my life have I felt and centred and alive as I did while in your program. I love that you have given me the tools to change my life in a way that feels right to me. Thank you, thank you thank you for being such an awake and alive spirit. I think anyone who is looking to change their life from the inside out should participate in this process.”


Michelle D.

“What can I say about working with Kate?  She helped me see my inner unicorn and gave me a fresh confidence and tools to be my true sparkly, slightly unusual self.  I can’t thank her enough and would recommend her whole heartedly to anyone having a wobble.”


Sonja L.