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Kate Bergquist, RN, INHC, DS

Kate Bergquist, RN, Holistic Health Coach, Detoxification Specialist

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What is Holistic Health Coaching?

What is “holistic” health?  In short, holistic means “the whole you”.  As humans we experience health on many different levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Working with a holistic health coach allows you to get in touch with and heal yourself as a whole.  As a holistic health coach I believe that there is no separation between your body, your emotions and spirituality.  When you heal your body, your mind and spirit benefits as well.  Accordingly, when you release an emotional block, your body and spirit feel better.  The key to a beautiful body is a happy soul. Here are just some of the things you’ll learn when you work with me:

  • how to shop for, prepare and cook whole food meals for yourself and your family
  • Rediscover the joy of how your body loves to move for optimal physical health
  • learn how foods energetically affect the body
  • Heal and balance hormones through diet
  • Learn the language and the power of emotions to fully express yourself and release stress in a positive way
  • Connect with your spiritual self in a way that feels authentic to you
  • Replace the inner critic with the voice of self-compassion
  • Elevate mood, and learn how to still the inner waters
  • Own and honor your personal desires

What I Believe

  • you can heal your body, nothing is too big or too far gone
  • kindness, respect, and an attitude of non-judgement are the rule
  • the way back to health is through consciousness
  • “everything is figureoutable”–Marie Forleo
  • you are enough.  you have always been and will always be enough
  •  there is no such thing as a “lost cause”, especially when that thing is you
  • the universe is a friendly place.
  • sometimes chocolate IS healing.
  • your human body is nothing less than magic
  • when we heal ourselves, we heal the earth

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