Lovely to meet you!  My name is Kate Bergquist.  I’m a Registered Nurse, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Massage Therapist, Level I Detoxification Specialist, current student of naturopathy, wife, mom, and my favorite “Warrior of Love”.  I give myself that last title because I’ve found that the key to a happy life is self love.  Loving the body, the soul, the unique being that you are is going to lead to an amazing life.  This, among all else will be your compass to vibrant health.

My journey into holistic health began with a deep sense of trust in my body.  This came in part by being raised by a mother who showed me the inside of a doctor’s office only once during my childhood.  The ER and traumatic injuries are a different story (when I was in need of stitches).  No medications, no antibiotics, just food from the garden and playing in the dirt.  When I had a fever, I sweated it out.  When I had a cold, I let my body rest.  I learned to trust that my body knew what to do to heal.  As a result of all this un-intervention I grew into a very strong, healthy young human.

My interest in holistic health began in 2001 when I became a massage therapist.  I learned the secrets of essential oils, how memories are stored in muscle, and how detoxification can heal.  The human body to me is pure magic.  When properly supported, it almost always heals itself.  When I began my nursing career everything was so foreign to me.  Western medicine does not trust the body to heal.  It pays no attention to diet, very little to lifestyle, and instead puts a lot of faith in pharmaceuticals.  There is a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering!

I started Free Spirit Holistic to shift the balance a little.  I could see that my patients in the hospital were ready to start trusting their bodies to heal too.  I want to provide support for this. I understand the value of western medicine, no one wants to rely on holistic health coach when they have a severed finger!  There are definitely times when western medicine, pharmaceuticals, and surgery especially are life saving.  However, in my experience as a bedside nurse I have seen so many patients that who, in my opinion, could heal themselves with diet and lifestyle alone, no one ever told them that their body heals itself.  I would like to see a happy balance come forth, I would like to see people improving their relationships to their bodies, and less disease and pharmaceutical intervention.

I studied with the great teacher, Dr Robert Morse, ND who taught me the art of detoxification.  I learned that healing is simple, that nature has got everything figured out perfectly, and mostly, we just need to get out of our own way.  I am always learning more about botanical medicines and their invaluable service to our species.

In my practice, I focus on three areas:  physical, emotional, and spiritual.  All areas are connected and healing in one area heals the others simultaneously.  We heal the body with whole foods (and sometimes fasting from food), hydration, sleep, and pleasurable body movement.  We heal the emotional body by healing our relationships, to ourselves and to others.  We heal our spiritual selves by attuning to our spiritual nature through time in nature, meditation, and personal spiritual practices (please note:  spiritual does not mean religious).   My programs are all-encompassing, and you will not regret growing into loving yourself more each day.

Whether you have a medical condition or not, I can show you how to reconnect with and trust your body deeply.  Please contact me for a free discovery session.

So much Love,