The pathway to true health starts with removing the blocks that you’ve accumulated in your journey through life…

Why do we detox?

Detox is the process of removing stagnant waste from the body.  In our modern world there are a lot of insults to the human body in the form of toxic foods, air pollution, pesticides, cosmetics, antibiotics, medications, GMOs etc.  Unless we are very conscious about removing these wastes from our bodies on a daily basis, we accumulate them in our tissues.  Over time the body will exhibit symptoms of dis-ease.  Depending on your area of genetic weakness is where you will see symptoms manifest.  Some common signs and symptoms that the body needs to detox are:

  • skin issues:  eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes
  • “stiff” muscles and joints, especially after waking in the morning
  • low energy, fatigue, weight gain
  • poor digestion
  • painful periods, sore breasts

Each time the body catches a cold or flu bug, it is because the immune system is so taxed by all the foreign invaders that it uses this opportunity to release some of the waste through all the channels of elimination.  Sadly, we don’t recognize the wisdom of our body trying to expel toxins so we stop it with over the counter drugs and antibiotics.  This pushes all the wastes deeper into our cells until one day chronic conditions raise their ugly heads.    Chronic conditions appear in the body as cancer, IBS, Crohn’s disease, COPD, dementia, MS, lupus, fibromyalgia, Parkinsons, etc.  When you go to a doctor and are treated for these conditions you will likely receive medications to further suppress the body’s attempts to rid the body of wastes.  Your life becomes a day to day struggle with chronic conditions, many people are living with very sick and painful bodies.  We don’t have to accept this!  We can choose to detoxify our systems and gain our health back!

The body has 100 trillion cells.  Every cell eats, and every cell excretes waste.  The blood feeds the cells and the lymphatic system carries away wastes.  Many people have little understanding of the lymphatic system.  Sometimes called the immune system, the lymphatic system is responsible for carrying cellular wastes away from the cells to be removed by the body’s elimination organs:  the kidneys, colon and skin.  This HUGE system, 4 times bigger than the cardiovascular system is everywhere you have cells!  When the lymphatic system becomes congested due to toxic conditions, the body will start to create symptoms of disease.  Why?  Chemistry! Our bodies must remain slightly alkaline to stay in a balance of good health. Cellular waste is acidic in nature.  Have you ever seen diaper rash on a baby’s bottom?  This is what happens to skin while sitting in acid waste (in this case, urine).  Imagine your cells sitting in acid waste.  This is what happens when your lymphatic system is stagnant.  Think burning, inflammation, pain etc.  These are all acute manifestations of toxicity.  The lymphatic system is your inner river, now let’s learn how to keep it flowing and clean!

Alkalize!  Alkalize!  Alkalize!

The most powerful thing we can do to begin to clean the lymph system is to detox our diets.  The highest, most healing diet on earth is fresh, whole, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables.  These are the foods that our species thrives on!  Fruits, especially astringent fruits like lemons and grapes have the ability to pull on the lymph system and create movement.  The fiber in raw foods gets the GI tract moving and expelling old wastes that may have been sitting in the intestines for years.  With consistency, the body will achieve it’s alkaline balance and release it’s burdens of waste.


Dehydration is acidic.  Wherever there is dryness, your inner river becomes stagnant.  Drinking pure water each day, 3 to 4 liters minimum will help to alkalize the body.

Many diseases have their origin in dehydration.  When the internal environment becomes acidic the body needs more water to help flush away toxins.  Many of us become dehydrated due to toxic food and beverages which rob the cells of their water for metabolism of these substances.  Even cooked food can be dehydrating.  More raw foods and pure water will help to balance the inner river of life.

Repair Genetic Weaknesses and Relieve Chronic Illness

When the body has become so backed up in acidic wastes it may start to show signs of chronic disease.  At this time the cells have deteriorated so much that the body can no longer function like it once did.  This is not to say that given the right conditions the body cannot heal itself.  I believe in the body’s ability to regenerate, we only need to assist it by removing  the blocks.  After all, this is not magic, it’s chemistry!  First and foremost, we must alkalize the body with fresh, whole, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables, and give it hydration.

Secondly, the use of nature’s botanical medicines will greatly assist to heal and detoxify the body.  Herbs have been used by people for thousands of years to assist the body to heal.  Herbs are powerful, safe medicines that speak to the body in a language that it understands.  This is not the case with man-made pharmaceutical drugs and isolated supplements that serve to cause further imbalances in the body.

I work with Dr Morse’s herbal formulas.  Dr Morse is a naturopathic physician, biochemist, and author who has been curing dis-eases with herbs for over 40 years.  His herbs are masterfully blended into formulas specific for body systems and glands.  If an imbalance can be targeted in the body’s system, healing medicines can be sent to help remove blocks and restore vitality.

Areas of genetic weakness can be strengthened with herbs too.  If a certain kind of dis-ease “runs in the family”, there is a higher chance of manifesting the condition in your body as well.  While it is true that lifestyle may or may not “turn on” these genes, it is wise to clean and strengthen our cells for protection.

Live Free!

You do not need to spend your life in a sick body.  You can take responsibility for your health, clean yourself out and discover the freedom of having a body that is free of pain and dis-ease.    Detoxification is a simple process that anyone can understand, but somehow in these modern times we have largely forgotten.  Learn how to clean yourself out, then learn how to keep your body healthy and dis-ease free on a daily basis.  Can you indulge every now and then?  Of course!  It’s what we do each day the most that matters.  Over time you will lose the cravings for foods that cause pain and inflammation in your body.  You will crave more and more fresh, whole, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables.  You will learn how it feels to live in alignment with your body in a way that feels good.  This is how you were designed to feel.  What could you spend your abundant energy on?